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Ingrown Toenail Removal:
Vandenbos Procedure

For effective ingrown toenail removal, consider the Vandenbos Procedure offered at our clinic. Contrary to popular belief, most toe problems attributed to ingrown toenails are actually related to excess skin around the nail, not the nail itself.

It is important to understand if the toe problem is actually a nail problem or if, as in most cases, it is a skin problem. Most of the time, when people suffer from ‘ingrown toenails’,  the problem is actually NOT the nail. It is the skin around the nail. 

This procedure offers patients a minor surgery that is ONLY needed once.  The nail will remain the same as prior to surgery and will look great!

The problem is actually with excess skin in the sides of the toe. When walking, running etc the weight and the pressure on the skin causes it to bulge over the NORMAL nail and causes pain, red and infected – looking skin on the toe.

There are some cases where the nail is ABNORMAL, being thick, curved (pincer) and digging into the skin, as often seen in the elderly.  These are called ‘dystrophic nails’.   As with the overgrown toeskin, this also causes pain, redness and etc, but in these cases, all or the part of the nail does need to be removed, sometimes involving destruction of the nail bed matrix.

Sometimes discoloured toenails are often due to the fungal infection that will be treated and managed differently.

Please visit “overgrowntoeskin.ca” for further information including videos.