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Located at the north end of the Dunedin City CBD, we provide dermatology and minor surgery services for you and your whānau/family.  We are a dedicated and comprehensive skin clinic at primary healthcare level.

We provide a comprehensive range of dermatological care and skin surgery services

Our expert team focuses exclusively on skin care and minor surgical procedures, ensuring you receive the highest quality of care for your dermatological concerns.

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Surgical Services

Surgical Services

The Dunedin Skin and Surgery Clinic is a primary healthcare clinic that provides comprehensive dermatological services, diagnoses and treatments for skin cancers, as well as, whole body photography for skin cancer lesions.


Skin is a complex structure, various types of skin lesions including rashes of many sorts can appear readily.  We provide a careful and perceptive physical examination of skin lesions to understand their dermatology and associated systemic disorders.

We provide appropriate management of dermatological conditions, underpinned by a commitment to evidence based medical approaches to improve the overall wellbeing of our patients.


Skin Surgery

Skin Cancer

I. An estimated 90,000 non-melanoma skin cancers and 2,800 invasive melanomas are diagnosed per year in Aotearoa New Zealand.

II. Over 4,000 people are found to have in-situ melanoma (melanoma that has not spread to other parts of the body).

We provide appropriate management of skin cancers.

Surgical Aftercare Services

Surgery can sometimes involve additional follow-up care.  Whether you have had surgery elsewhere or need sutures removed, we are here to help.

Our aftercare services are designed for those seeking post-operative care or assistance with suture removal by a doctor.

We will support you with personalised care and attention throughout your recovery journey.

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Surgical Services Under Local Anesthesia

Carpal Tunnel Release

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